A Woman Shouted ‘Shame On You’ In A Homophobic Rant At A Pride March


People have recently been asking why we need to have pride month and pride marches and it’s precisely because people like the woman in this video still exist.

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The unidentified woman was wearing a niqab and approached marchers who were walking around Waltham Forest in London with their pride flags. She rants and rages at marchers a lot, saying they were ‘despicable and shameful people’ and also quoting an Alan Partridge line with ‘God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’.

Despite this there was no reaction from anyone involved in the parade who instead decided to say that they still loved the woman despite the abuse that they were suffering:

Damn that’s awful isn’t it? Nobody should be subjected to that kind of abuse for just doing what their body tells them and being themselves. Really disgusting behaviour.

The police have announced that they’re now investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. Hopefully they’ll manage to track her down and arrest her to stop incidents like this happening in the future.

One more thing about this I didn’t quite get though is that this woman is clearly Muslim as she’s wearing a niqab, so why’s she referencing Christianity with her terrible homophobic banter? I guess it’s Alan Partridge but even so it just makes the whole thing even more embarrassing and ignorant to be honest. Twat.

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