Woman Screams Sexual Harassment Because Man Introduces Himself As ‘Hugh Mongus’ (VIDEO)

Chill out.

The back story here is a group of anti-police protesters are protesting the building of a new Seattle police station, because they think it’s going to be used for a secret military operation.

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I’m not sure why the lady filming is going around demanding to know people’s names, but she spots a police supporter being interviewed and goes for him.

He tells her his name is ‘Hugh Mongus’, and all hell breaks loose:

Just the worst type of person to accost this guy while filming him all because he’s got a different opinion to her, and to cause a scene making out like he sexually harassed her. I mean his joke was pretty lame but it absolutely did not deserve that reaction. If you couldn’t make it to the end, she basically screams at him the whole time then starts asking for police officers’ names and demanding they arrest this dude. What a fucking psycho.

Funny thing is Zarna Joshi uploaded the video onto Facebook but there was a massive backlash against her and she’s now trying to scrub the internet of its existence. Not going to happen love…

Meanwhile, this all-girls school basketball coach is definitely in sexual harassment territory.


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