Woman Secretly Films People Looking At Her Boobs To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer

Great video.

It’s always great when someone does some kind of prank video and it actually ends up having some kind of a point behind it and this is another one of those times, as a woman from New York decided to walk around the city and secretly film everyone gawking at her boobs in order to raise awareness about breast cancer.

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29 year old Whitney Zellig decided to wear a low cut top with a camera installed in it at walk around Manhattan to try and identify how many people stole a glance at her cleavage – both male and female. Take a look at the video below and have a guess how many people you think snuck a look at them during her walk around the city:

Yeah, so pretty much everyone who she walked past in New York (at least in the way that the video is edited). I suppose I’ve gotta be honest with stuff like this though and say that I probably wouldn’t have been able to resist having a look in these circumstances either, so sue me.

Great thing about this video is that it probably will go viral and that hopefully because of how the subject matter is linked din with the message, it will remind women to check their breasts more regularly in the hopes that they manage to catch breast cancer early so that it doesn’t cost them their lives. Awesome initiative.

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