Woman Gets Revenge On Neighbours By Throwing Bread On Their Roof To Attract Noisy Seagulls At 7AM

Payback is a b*tch.

Going on holiday with your kids can be a pretty stressful experience, so the last thing you need is for a group of 20-something staycationers to turn up at the same caravan site and wake up your young ones in the middle of the night by blasting music through the early hours.

Heather Minshull, 37, politely asked the group to turn their music down, but they completely ignored her. The next morning she got up bright and early to exact her revenge – and honestly, it’s a stroke of genius:

@heatherminsh#payBack #IWin 😂😂♬ original sound – Heather

What a move. Completely ruthless and yet totally acceptable given the circumstances. There’s no issue with this group of youngsters turning up at a caravan site and trying to have a good time. But once you ask them to turn the music down and they ignore you, all bets are off. Like Heather said, it doesn’t matter that they were playing classic tunes by The Beatles. Noise is noise and noise at 3am when you’re trying to get your little monsters to sleep is a good enough excuse to carry out even the most vicious revenge.

The best part is that Heather didn’t just ruin their hungover morning, she probably ruined their entire holiday because I guarantee those seagulls are going to keep going back and looking for scraps. Can you imagine if she bought some McDonald’s fries and tossed them up there instead? The seagulls would’ve eaten right through the roof. Maybe an idea for next time.

To watch a man punch a seagull in the face as it tries to take his food, click HERE. Take that you bastard.


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