One Woman Was Photoshopped By 18 Different Countries, Here Are The Results

Beauty standards from across the globe.

A few years back, a woman named Esther Honig conducted an experiment by sending the same picture of herself to Photoshop artists in 25 different countries, all with the instruction to make her beautiful.

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The results were quite astounding and they revealed just how different beauty standards are from country to country. Some favoured her covered up with less make up, while others preferred to pile the make up on while leaving her naked.

Inspired by this project, Superdrug Online Doctor decided to conduct a similar experiment, only this time they used a full body shot. The portrait was sent to 18 different freelancers in 18 different countries. Here are the results:

Photoshopped Photoshopped 1 Photoshopped 2 Photoshopped 3 Photoshopped 4 Photoshopped 5 Photoshopped 6 Photoshopped 7 Photoshopped 8 Photoshopped 9 Photoshopped 10 Photoshopped 11 Photoshopped 12 Photoshopped 13 Photoshopped 14 Photoshopped 15 Photoshopped 16 Photoshopped 17 Photoshopped 18

Interesting stuff. Notice how some of the designers kept the woman looking pretty much the same, where as others turned her into a completely different person altogether? Obviously you can’t judge an entire country’s beauty ideals on one freelancer, but it’s still a good insight into just how wide-ranging people’s perceptions on beauty across the globe are.

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