Woman On Train Catches And Confronts Man Using His Phone To Film Up Her Skirt (VIDEO)

Train Pervert


A woman fell asleep on a train over in Australia and when she awoke she noticed that the guy in front of her was using his phone to film up her skirt by placing it in the cracks between the seats. Gross.

Obviously that’s absolutely repulsive and disgusting behaviour, but this woman decided to turn the tables on this creep by filming what he was doing. In the video below you can clearly see him placing his phone in the crack between the seats and turning it towards her in a position that would be able to pick up her underwear. You also see him get called out by the woman about what he’s doing and look really embarrassed and have no answer for his behaviour.


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What an absolute creep. It’s great that this woman had the guts to call him out and film what he was doing, but I fear that a lot of people would be too intimidated and weirded out to do that when confronted with the actions of a brazen pervert and unfortunately I don’t know what the solution is when people exist like this and we have to deal with them.

We can only hope that the fact that this video has been published on the internet will discourage their behaviour and urge people to do the same when found in a similar position. It’s gross that there are people out there who will violate people’s personal space like this  (and for what? So they can go home and jerk off over some girl’s panties that they saw on the train? Just go watch porn dude) and the sooner it’s eliminated the better.

For more disgusting behaviour, check out this pervert who got caught jacking off on the roof of a girl he fancied. Can’t believe people like this actually exist.


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