Woman Gets Absolutely Obliterated By School Bus While Crossing The Road (VIDEO)

When your 2017 gets off to the worst start imaginable.

This horrific video shared on Twitter shows a yellow school bus knock down and then run over a woman as she crosses a street in Brooklyn.

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No idea what the mix-up was but I guess somehow the bus driver didn’t see the woman crossing and ploughed right into her. I think it’s actually the bus mirror that smashes into her first:

The good news is the woman is OK and only has a few injuries that aren’t considered life-threatening. It really looked for a second like the bus was going to keep on moving so thank fuck the driver stopped eventually. The weirdest thing is that no one in the video seems too bothered to go check on the lady? One guy just rolls up in his car and is waiting for the light to turn green. Even the bus driver took her sweet time getting out to check. Rough day overall for that gal but good to know she’ll survive.

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