Wasted Woman Filmed Taking A Leak In The Guy’s Urinal During Football Match

Female Peeing Urinal


I often feel sorry for women and the fact that it’s really hard for them to take a leak at big sporting events because they can’t do it standing up like guys can, so they often have to end up queuing for ages and holding it in. Sucks to be them sometimes.

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This doesn’t matter at all though when you just don’t give a damn. The Miami Dolphins are having a fairly meh season and people aren’t that happy that Jay Cutler is their starting quarterback, which seems to have driven a lot of fans to drink like the woman in this video.

In the short clip below, she’s clearly had enough of waiting in line for a stall and so instead decides to pull down her kegs and pee into a urinal straight up with no shame at all. You go girl:

Wow. What an absolute legend. I’m not sure of the practicalities of it but I don’t know why more women don’t do that when they’re gagging for a leak. Seems perfectly reasonable given their situation most of the time.

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