Woman Marries Herself In Emotional Wedding After Failing To Find A Husband By Age 40

Solo marriage consummation, anyone?

It takes all sorts to make the world go round.

Not too long ago, we talked about a real life three men and a baby situation; now we’re talking about a woman who just got married – to herself.

According to the website, Yasmin Eleby had made a promise that if she hadn’t found an enduring love by the time she hit 40, she would make her wedding vows to herself. Clearly, she wasn’t kidding around.

Not one for slipping between the cracks, Eleby organised a proper matrimonial knees up at the Houston museum of African American culture earlier this month; a ceremony which included a whopping 10 bridesmaids. Her sister, who is a minister, conducted the ceremony.

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Marry Yourself

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Some people may think getting hitched to one’s self would be an empty experience, but it seems that Eleby was over the moon with her decision. This is what she had to say on Facebook (well, some of it anyway):

 I couldn’t imagine the ceremony being any more poignant and meaningful… I’m doing so many things that I only dreamed about and never thought would be possible. I want to encourage each of you to spread your wings and fly! 


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I suppose if you can’t find a partner that truly floats your boat, marrying yourself is a viable option — but if you did decide it wasn’t working out and you got a divorce, who would get what in the settlement? Half to me, and half to err, me! At least there would be no need for that awkward pre-nuptial agreement conversation.

 All the best and let’s hope you don’t fall out with yourself on the honeymoon.


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