Woman Who Married A Ghost Complains That He Totally Ruined Their Honeymoon



Oh God, it’s another story about a weirdo who is convinced that they’re in a relationship with a ghost. Love these freaks.

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Brocarde is a singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire who claims she met ghost Edwardo last year when he burst into her bedroom in the dead of night and sent sensations all through her body. Kinky start to their love life hey?

The pair were married on Halloween at The Asylum Chapel in London, but now Brocarde has revealed that Edwardo absolutely ruined their honeymoon to Barry Island in Wales. Not a great way to start off a marriage there Edwardo!

Here’s what Brocarde had to say about it all:

The whole trip just seemed to get worse and worse.

Edwardo thought he was being passionate and romantic by wrestling me to the ground to frolic in the sand, but I was trying to share my ice cream with him and it went everywhere, all over my face, in my hair and then of course the sand stuck to it so I looked like I’d had a fight with a giant seagull.

We should have been on an amazing honeymoon but from that point on it was just ruined.

Edwardo has always been unpredictable so it is typical that he would ruin our honeymoon!

Edwardo obviously doesn’t have a bank card so it is always me that has to pick up the tab everywhere we visit… and he certainly likes to go wild in our hotel room mini bars.

Liquor bottles are always mysteriously left empty, aside from the gin bottle, they are always left standing, he’s obviously not that partial to that spirit.

When we arrived to our hotel he suggested ordering 12 bottles of the best champagne to the room knowing that I have to pick up the bill!

Err what? Is this just a cry for help as she’s sort of not so subtly revealing to everyone in the world that she’s a massive alcoholic?! Or does she actually think that this kind of stuff is kooky and cute? I really don’t know what angle she’s trying to put across here.

Anyway, aside from the fact that being convinced that you’re married to a ghost is an almost certain sign of insanity, she sounds kind of a chore to be with anyway. Yeah, it might have been a bit annoying that Edwardo knocked her over and got sand in her hair, but is that really enough to ruin the whole holiday?

Sounds like she could have swept it under the rug and enjoyed the rest of it and the fact that she’s still talking about it now and decided to go to a national newspaper with the story is a massive red flag for me. Get rid of her Edwardo mate. 2023 could be your year!

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