This Woman Lost Her Virginity To A Woman Pretending To Be A Man


It’s the Jeremy Kyle show of course.

It’s absolutely crazy to think that something like this could happen but with the recent high profile case of a woman discovering her boyfriend was a woman after two years, it seems like it’s more common than ever.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (of course) was the venue for a young girl named Megan to tell a similar story and it’s absolutely shocking and traumatising as she talks of having absolutely no idea that the guy she was dating for eight months was actually a man. Even though it happened over two years ago she still seems completely cut up about it and my heart goes out to her.

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Man, that is heavy. I’m not sure what exactly they were doing when they had sex if the other person didn’t have a penis, but I guess if you’re being pinned down and you were a virgin previously and a ‘good girl’ like she says then you probably wouldn’t have a clue what was going on either and just assume it was meant to happen like that. Jesus.

I can’t even imagine though what it would feel like to discover a humongous lie about your partner’s identity, let alone a lie about their actual gender. And then you realise you’ve given your heart to them, lost your virginity to them and to top it all off they then deliver that completely heartless statement to you live on television. Absolutely horrific.

Despite her emotional appearance above, Megan seems to be getting over her problem and is now dating a guy called Jordan and has two kids. This was the first time that he had ever heard about her relationship with Chris though because she was scared that it may push him away. Let’s hope he’s a trooper and this doesn’t affect him too much because this girl deserves a stable environment after what she’s been through.

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