This Woman Lives As An Adult Baby And Calls Her Fiancee Daddy

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Whatever turns you on.

In 2018 people are more and more into weird fetishes and more open about talking about them in the general public, and one of the weirdest ones that has recently been uncovered is that of the adult babies.

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These are basically people that want to regress to an infantile state for a bit and hang around wearing nappies and pissing themselves and getting other people to look after them. One of these is 20 year old Max from Kentucky, who lives the DDLG (Dom Daddy, Little Girl) lifestyle with her 31 year old fiancee Johnny. She spends some of her day acting like a five year old by taking naps, drinking out of a sippy cup and playing around in a nappy.

Jonny acts as father figure towards her, making rules that she has to follow and punishing her with no TV and earlier bed times if she breaks them. Max had the following to say about their relationship:

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In the words of Peter Pan: I never want to grow up. I’m a little and Johnny is my daddy.

My little age is five, which just kind of fits me. I don’t really ever go lower or move higher than that. That’s what I am comfortable with. That’s what I like.

I will always be curious. I will always be eager to learn. I will always love Disney movies. I will always love to colour.

And whether or not in 20 years I will still call myself a little, I know that I am going to have that inside me.

Because I don’t want to grow up. I want to happy and carefree forever and I think that’s true of a lot of people.

I understand why some people will look at the way that I am and the way that I live and be confused and think that it’s disgusting or shameful.

But what people fail to see is that this is between two consenting adults and what we do in our home doesn’t really harm anyone else.

I mean I guess she’s right about that last statement, but it is kinda weird however you look at it unless you’re directly involved with it. But hey if it’s what makes them happy who am I to judge? I always find it bizarre that people like this are always going to the papers with their stories and publicising them – doesn’t really seem like it’s what it’s all about from what I can tell. Anyway, good luck to them and I hope their marriage is successful.

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