This Photo Series Reveals The Bizarre And Seedy World Of Adult Babies



I think after that Channel 4 documentary a few years back and numerous sightings on the internet, everyone has heard of the really seedy and bizarre underworld of adult babies, but it never hurts to have more information on these things, so here’s another post all about them.

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In case you’re unaware of the phenomenon, adult babies are grown men who like to be dressed in nappies and looked after like they’re a baby by some woman who pretends to be their mother and performs all the associated tasks. There’s a bunch of houses with giant cots and playpens all around the world in the places that you would least suspect them where all this kind of stuff goes down. It’s generally non-sexual as well, but obviously just really, really weird.

There’s also the diaper lover community, which just involves grown men who love wearing diapers. I suppose they are fairly comfortable from what I remember – and allow you to wizz all over yourself fairly easily with no repercussions. What’s not to like?

Australian photographer Polly Borland managed to delve into their world for her 1990s exhibition ‘The Babies’ – photos of which you can see in this article. Here’s what she said about the experience too:

Adult Baby 8

Adult Baby 2

Adult Baby 3

Adult Baby 4

Adult Baby 5

Adult Baby 6

Adult Baby 7

Everyone was just horrified. People kind of couldn’t deal with it. I don’t get it. I find it fascinating. And yes, I can get that it’s challenging and maybe disturbing, but all my work is challenging and disturbing.

Maybe it’s because it’s rooted in reality – a lot of people originally thought ‘oh she made that up, she dressed those people up.’ It’s something about the fact that they’re real. […]

It felt to me like they were disconnected and it was probably because they hadn’t really been connected to their families, or their mothers, and I felt I understood them.

We were sitting there chatting with Hazel and there was literally just a big man in a nappy crawling around on the floor.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was a combination of weird, surreal and sort of psychologically disturbing.

It fascinated me because it was so visually arresting. It was like a weird, adult Alice in Wonderland situation.

In one image, a man with piercing green eyes stares straight into the camera. Bubbles from a bath cloud his cheeks and a pink pacifier droops from his mouth.

The sandy blonde wig atop his head is slightly off-center. It’s a hard image to look at, but I’m still not entirely sure why.

Perhaps it has something to do with the abject helplessness in his eyes. He’s completely in character, even in his own mind.

And we’re not used to seeing adults – especially adult men — look that way. But for him, he has escaped his adult male role and his adult male responsibilities.

Adult Baby 9

Adult Baby 10

Adult Baby 11

Adult Baby 12

Adult Baby 13

Adult Baby 14

Adult Baby 15

I mean maybe it’s a fun way for these guys to spend their spare time, but I’m not buying it myself. That’s some freaky stuff – if they enjoy it and it’s not harming anyone else though then leave them to it. Hope they’re having a blast.

For more adult babies, check out this 15 stone adult baby. Geez.



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