Crazed Woman Launches Unprovoked Axe Attack At A Busy Petrol Station (VIDEO)


If you see this girl on the road – RUN.

Everyone knows that petrol stations are practically freak magnets in the early hours, and this week we have ourselves a fresh example from over in Australia.

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CCTV footage from the shop in Sydney shows a young lady in hot pants casually walk in at 2:25am, wielding an axe.

She has a word with one of the shoppers, before going into full-on axe murderer mode:

The attacker has been arrested and identified as 24-year-old Evie Amati. The first guy she cracked suffered a fractured skull, and the female victim was told she would be dead if her dreadlocked hair hadn’t cushioned the blow.

Here’s Evie, just so you know to avoid her once she’s out of the clink:


Couple more of her disguises, lest she attempts to fool you with alternate hair colours:



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Just goes to show you never know who’s going to roll up on you with an axe these days. Could be some deranged lunatic from Florida, could be some Aussie bird in hot pants.

For graphic images of an axe murder caught on Google Street View, click HERE.


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