Watch This Woman Launch A Disgustingly Racist Tirade On A Black Dude For Literally No Reason



Every time you think that some progress has made when it comes to racism, you see a video like this and realise that we haven’t really even got anywhere at all.

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This footage is taken from Scottsdale, Arizona where some dude was driving around in his car minding his own business when out of nowhere some white woman came off the street and started getting up in his grill about the colour of his skin. Fantastic:

OK so there isn’t really any context to that and we’ve only got The Real Smoke Taylor’s word that he didn’t do anything to provoke her, but even if he had done something it’s kinda disgusting to hear people talking like that in this day and age. Sadly in Scottsdale, Arizona and probably a hell of a lot of places down there in the South this is a sad reality of everyday life.

It’s also probably true that the only reason this guy can laugh it off is because it happens to him so often. Grim. Hopefully this gets shared far and wide and the woman ends up losing her job and this discourages people to stop acting like this. I think the first part of that might happen, but sadly not the second.

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