Woman Kills Her Husband By Squeezing His Balls For 5 Minutes Non-Stop

Boyfriend giving you grief? Behold the ultimate finishing move.

A Vietnamese man has died of suffocation after his wife grabbed his balls during an argument at their home, and refused to release her grip for 5 minutes.

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53-year-old Le Kim Khai apparently choked to death with his face turning purple when food got stuck in his windpipe as his wife tortured him.

It was only when neighbours, hearing Khai’s screams, intervened that Phan Thi Kim Chuong agreed to release her husband’s crushed private parts – but by then the damage had already been done.

Khai had apparently began attacking his wife first (according to their daughter who witnessed the whole thing), so she grabbed his balls out of desperation and began squeezing – hard. When Khai dropped to his knees, she jumped on his stomach (still squeezing his balls) to keep him down.

When neighbours found them Chuong was sitting on her husband with his balls still firmly in her hands.

Chuong had slipped into unconsciousness and was found to be dead on arrival at hospital.


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Obviously beating up your wife/partner is a total scumbag move, especially in front of the kids. As such I don’t think anyone will too be upset by Chuong getting the ultimate revenge on her abusive husband. He clearly wasn’t even that good at beating her if she could just grab him by the balls and murder him in 5 minutes. I guess once someone’s got a firm grip of your boys it’s hard to do anything about it though. Even if he tried to throw her off him she’d have probably ripped his sack off in the process. Basically a ‘can’t-win’ situation that Khai was in. Oh well, that’s what you get for being a woman-beating dickhead.

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