Woman Interrupts Comedian’s Set Because She’s ‘Offended’, Is Promptly Booed Off Stage

Karen strikes again.

Would you rock up to a strip club and complain about the nudity? That’s the sort of energy I’m picking up from this Comedy Karen over here. As comedian Affion Crockett astutely points out – it’s a comedy show! There are going to be jokes made! And one thing about jokes is that sometimes we laugh at them precisely because we know we’re not supposed to. A comedy show is the one place where you can be offensive and insulting in a context where everyone understands it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

So what was the offending joke? Something about men having to be better at shagging and doing most of the work in bed, apparently. Which isn’t exactly a groundbreaking joke (or groundbreaking news). In fairness, this lady was probably drunk and made an awful snap decision to get up there and complain in front of everyone, but at the same time I reckon she enjoyed the attention because she stood there the whole time soaking in the boos! Love how she tried to do the “I’m being assaulted!” bit at the end there with the security guard too. Better luck next time, Kaz.

To watch a comedian Sparta Kick a heckler into oblivion after being interrupted one too many times, click HERE.


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