Stand Up Comic Sparta Kicks Heckler Into Oblivion After He Keeps Interrupting His Set

Well, you can’t say he didn’t warn him about a million times.

As a comedian playing a tiny venue and not getting max appreciation for your jokes, you’re probably going to be just a little bit on edge. The last thing you want is for some weirdo to start heckling you and trying to rush you off stage so that the next act can come on.

Eventually it had to turn physical and I guess you can call it a victory for stand ups everywhere:

A solid Sparta kick there. To be fair the heckler seems like he’s not all there in the first place, but you can’t say he wasn’t warned about a million times.

Is it the most brutal Sparta kick we’ve ever seen though? Nah, that would be the time this guy got literally booted through the window of a double decker bus.


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