Woman Hospitalised With Gruesome Injuries From Exploding Lambrini Bottle



A woman was hospitalised after an exploding bottle of Lambrini severed her Achilles tendon. Ouch.

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26-year-old Eve Weller was walking home from the shops when the bottle burst through her Tesco carrier bag and shattered on the pavement.

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A large shard of glass sliced right into the back of her ankle, through her tendon and down to the bone.

Luckily surgeons were able to re-attach the fibres that connect the muscle to the bone, but at the moment Eve is unable to walk from the pain of it. She said:

When you see the injury you would never expect it was caused by a bag breaking. It’s appalling. The wound is really, really deep.

A bag should be strong enough to hold a single bottle. They should last more than 20 minutes. They should test for this sort of stuff.

Things could have been a lot worse. Imagine if I’d had the kids with me. They are so little and if it had hit them it could have been terrible.

When she says “test for this sort of stuff” I’m just imagining a bunch of guys in lab coats walking around with plastic bags full of Lambrini bottles.


To be fair, Eve does have a point, as the Tesco plastic bags are shite and you have to pay for them. Sadly Eve paid the price in more ways than one.

Leg injury

At first I didn’t even feel it as I just thought ‘oh no I’ve dropped the wine’.

I looked down and saw a bit of blood and went to get a plaster out my bag as I always carry them for the kids.

I went to move my foot and I just couldn’t move. I looked down and there was this river of blood.

I don’t really remember everything after that.

I’m not surprised she blacked out – that cut looks brutal. Thankfully the doctors have sorted Eve out now, but it’s going to be a year until she has fully recovered. One thing’s for sure – this Lambrini girl definitely didn’t have fun.

For a Lambrini girl that had a little bit too much fun, check out this woman who was high on Lambrini and hallucinogenics and decided to steal a Ferry while shouting “I’m Jack Sparrow”. Nutter.



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