Woman Drunk On Lambrini & Hallucinogenics Steals Ferry While Shouting ‘I’m Jack Sparrow’

Alison Whelan

After a two day bender involving Lambrini and Hallucinogenics, Alison Whelan and her buddy stole a ferry.

Alison Whelan

Alison Whelan, a 51 year old alcoholic from Devon, stole a docked Ferry after a two day bender drinking Lambrini and taking hallucinogens.

Drunken Alison and her buddy Tristam Locke sparked a rescue operation after first calling paramedics onto the docked ferry that they had broken into after Alison had called 999 because she was having a seizure. When the paramedics arrived on the ferry they were verbally abused by Alison Whelan and one dude was pushed over by Tristam. Not wanting to get into a fight with some drunken twats, the two ambulance people headed back to their car and called the police. Tristam was also fined 12 months ago for beating up an ambulance man. This guy obviously has a real problem with paramedics.

When the police arrived at the ferry Alison was heard shouting ‘what are you going to do now’? and ‘I’m Jack Sparrow’ as the ferry slowly drifted off to sea.

As the ferry was drifting out to sea they accidentally hit a load of the boats that were set up for the night in the area. One of these was a £70,000 fiberglass catamaran – whoops. I hope that dude’s got insurance that covers him for ‘alcoholic crashing a stolen ferry into boat’.

Alison claims that she untied the ferry from the shore because she kept tripping over the ropes. The pair have since been jailed for 112 days for aggravated vehicle taking. Alison is also currently awaiting a liver transplant. Maybe that was a hint that she should quit the booze. Not the fact she’s getting arrested for stealing boats after a 2 day Lambrini session.

I guess it’s true what they say. Lambrini girls just wanna have fun!



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