This Woman Got Out Of Jury Duty By Wearing A Terrible Outfit To Court On Purpose

Strong look.

I’m not gonna lie, the idea of doing jury duty sounds pretty exciting to me and if I ever got selected for it then I would probably be there right on time and ready to go for it – I’ve just sadly never had the opportunity.

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I know that this isn’t how a lot of people see the situation and a lot of them will do anything to get out of it, so here’s a tip from a TikToker named Mia who revealed that if you wear a terrible outfit on purpose then you’re more than likely to get thrown off the case. She went through a bunch of outfit choices that she kindly all shared with us before deciding upon her number one pic that I’ve detailed below:


sound off below with how you think i should con my way out of jury duty 🥰

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when the judge looks at you and says “you’re free to go 🙄” also i wore the 1st option but i had to put a sweatshirt on bc it was cold🤪

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I have jury duty in the morning – just found out I literally have to show up. I’ve pushed it off twice and I do not want to go. So I’m going to try to put together and that just screams ‘Send that b***h home’.

Starting with this 3XL t-shirt, it says ‘I love shoes, booze and boys with tattoos’. I think that just screams ‘I have terrible judgement and shouldn’t be a juror’.

I decided to pair it today with these Luluemon biker shorts, and then just to really seal the deal that I should not be trusted, I’m wearing pink Crocs.

Besties, the plan worked.

Yeah to be honest I’m not really sure if she looks like the kind of person that should be a juror anyway but she really, really emphasises the point by her choice of outfit. Great work and hopefully an inspiration for anyone looking to get out of jury duty in the future.

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