Juror Shouts “Guilty!” In Court To Get Out Of Jury Duty, Immediately Gets Thrown In Jail


A man called for jury duty in Hawaii yelled “He is guilty! He is guilty!” outside the courtroom and ended up thrown in jail.

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According to his lawyer, Jacob Maldonado was having a bad day and just wanted to get off the jury on an assault case and go home.

Well his bad day got even worse because the judge was not amused and ordered his arrest on a contempt charge, setting him a $10,000 cash bail. Bit steep?

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Luckily for Jacob, the judge let him out of jail the next day and he was released without being fined or charged. Still, it’s so funny to think that Jacob never saw this coming. He thought if he shouted “Guilty!” like a lunatic outside the court the judge would just ask him to leave and the court case would carry on as normal while he went home.

Pretty amazing that plan was the best that he could come up with though. It’s not that hard to get out of jury duty is it? All you have to do is show some some personal bias on the case, but probably something a bit more subtle than what Jacob tried.

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