This Woman Thought It Was A Good Idea To Get Out Her Car In A Tiger Enclosure At The Safari Park

Tiger Attack Safari Park

What did she think was going to happen?

Safari parks can be a lot of fun as you can get really close to a bunch of wild animals but never be too scared of them as you’re protected from them by the fact that you’re inside your car. That is provided you follow the number one rule of safari parks and don’t get out of your car though.

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The reason why you should absolutely 100% follow this rule at all times is illustrated in the video below from a safari park over in Bejing. For some reason – I think the official line is that they got in an argument with the driver of their car – two women decided to get out of the car whilst surrounded by a few tigers. Smart idea.

As you might expect, the tigers are on them in a flash and absolutely rip them apart. One was severely mauled whilst the other tragically died:

Jesus. That tiger was on her in a second and it wasn’t taking no for an answer as it dragged her limp corpse away to feed on.

Absolutely brutal, but you’ve gotta be asking what the hell that woman was doing getting out of the car in the first place? What did she think was going to happen? Complete moron, and now the tiger is probably going to be put down because of her stupid behaviour. OK sure, the tiger did kill someone but it would never have happened if this idiot had followed the rules. A tragedy in more ways than one.

Here’s another video which proves you shouldn’t mess with tigers – a drunk man getting mauled when he jumps into a tiger’s enclosure at the zoo. Idiot.


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