Woman Forgets To Turn Camera Off While She Takes A P*ss During Conference Call

Now that’s embarrassing.

With employers around the world implementing work-from-home strategies in the age of coronavirus, I think we can predict a whole bunch of disastrous conference call moments showing up online in the next few months.

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Take “poor Jennifer” for example, who somehow managed to leave on her camera while going to take a piss in the middle of a conference call… while her colleague was talking about ethical business standards no less!

Poor Jennifer indeed. But how useless are her colleagues? Not one person thought to shout “Jen, stop! Dont pee!”. Instead they just sat there and watched the entire thing unfold before their eyes (and now the world’s eyes). Well except for the woman talking who was so focused on what she was saying that she didn’t even realise what the hell was going on.

Let’s hope Jennifer isn’t too embarrassed because after all, we all poop and pee, don’t we? Shame on all the rest of them though for not giving her the heads up. Extra shame on whoever recorded the whole thing and put it online. Should be an interesting first day back at the office when quarantine is over.

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