Woman Fined £860 For Leaving Dog Turds All Over Her Back Garden

Dog Shit


It kind of goes without saying that if you own a house then you should be allowed to do whatever you want in there, but if you’re doing what this woman was doing then maybe you should get fined and taught a lesson.

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Ria Park is a 34 year old woman from Stoke On Trent who thought that it was perfectly acceptable to let her dog shit all over her back garden and not clear it up. As such, there was a huge pile of dog turds all over her garden, as you can see in the pictures below.

Park has now been issued with a community protection notice for failing to clear it all up and fined £860. Here’s what prosecutor Kirsty Messenger had to say about it all:

Garden Turds 2

The local authority has a duty of care to protect people from anti-social behaviour.

An environmental officer was on patrol in Argyll Road when they found a bin on the public highway on the incorrect day and dog faeces in the back yard.

Council tax records found Ria Parks as the liable party. A letter was sent to the defendant and further inspections took place later in the year.

Environmental crime officer Chris Oldfield followed this up with the following:

Garden Turds 1

In this case there was an accumulation of dog mess in the garden.

We dealt with that because it was an environmental crime, and as you can imagine, if you were her neighbour you wouldn’t like it.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on such issues. It certainly creates a nuisance to neighbours.

Well yeah, I can’t really blame them for taking action. That is so much shit in the back garden, imagine how bad that must have stunk. Why Ria couldn’t have just cleaned up the mess – or even made sure she took her dog for a walk when he needed a shit so at least all wouldn’t have accumulated in the same place – is beyond me. What an absolute scutter.

For more turds, check out how you can make almost $13,000 a year from selling it. Just do that instead of leaving it to waste in the garden Ria.


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