Woman Finds Nuts And Bolts Baked Into Toppings On Her Domino’s Pizza

May contain nuts.

Domino’s have issued an apology after a customer was stunned to discover nuts and bolts baked into her pizza toppings.

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Gemma Barton was halfway through eating the pizza when she found them in the cheese. She contacted the branch in Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, where bosses immediately said sorry and refunded the pizza.

After her ordeal, Gemma posted a picture of the ‘serious choking hazard’ on social media, warning people to check their pizzas before eating.

She wrote:

PLEASE PLEASE double check your pizzas before eating I’d hate if I or anyone ingested these!!

Be careful when ordering from Domino’s Pizza at the Thornton-Cleveleys branch on Fleetwood Rd North.

Serious choking hazard and health and safety issue here sort yourselfs Domino’s Pizza.

Please please share, I’d hate if this was a more serious matter for someone else.

Domino’s issued a further statement apologising for the incident, confirming it had spoken to the store to prevent this from happening again:

At Domino’s we take customer satisfaction and safety extremely seriously – contamination of this nature is extremely rare.

As soon as we received Ms Barton’s complaint in July we apologised for the distress caused and thoroughly investigated at a store level.

We swiftly offered Ms Barton a full refund which she accepted at the time.

We have reminded our store team of the correct process to avoid any future issues of this nature.

“We have reminded our store team of the correct process” of not adding nuts and bolts to a customer’s pizza? Good to know. Although I would love to know who was responsible for this in the first place. Did some joker in the kitchen do it intentionally? Did the nuts and bolts fall off the oven or pizza cutter or something? Controversial but also possible – did Gemma plants the nuts and bolts there herself in order to get a free pizza/viral Facebook story? Surely not…

Either way, not a bad shout reminding everyone to inspect their takeaways before tucking in. Remember the young lady who found an actual SLUG inside her McDonald’s BBQ stack burger? Nightmare.


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