Single Woman Living Alone Documents Psycho Neighbour Stalking & Harassing Her (VIDEO)


The aptly-named @Maddypanic has shared this footage with us this week, in which she captures evidence that her psycho neighbour has been stalking and harassing her. Can’t think of many things more terrifying than being a single woman living alone and having to deal with this:

I mean it was only a matter of time before Maddy ended up murdered in her own apartment, right? This guy is clearly certifiable. The most shocking part is that the police did F all besides show up and get screamed at. Is Maddy supposed to call 911 when he’s literally holding a knife to her throat or what? It’s just crazy that there’s nothing they could do about it.

The footage has led to a whole bunch of women online sharing similar experiences and proving this isn’t an isolated incident:

Scary stuff. Good news is that Maddy has since got the hell out of there and stocked up on a cache of weapons. Hopefully this woman who filmed her stalker crashing through her bathroom ceiling has done the same.


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