Stalker Gets Caught Trying To Watch Woman Through Her Bathroom Ceiling, Goes Crashing Through It (VIDEO)

What the actual f-ck?

What’s more terrifying than a creepy pervert stalking you through your bathroom ceiling? How about that same creepy pervert crashing through the ceiling and almost landing on his feet like some kind of sex offending superhero.

Get a load of this madness:

Unbelievable. I can’t believe he had the nerve to tell her to “ssshhhh” after falling through her ceiling after she’s just clocked him spying on her. Would actually be pretty funny if it wasn’t so creepy. How the hell did he get up there in the first place? Imagine if he’d fallen through while she was on the shitter or in the shower or something?

Thankfully he still had his dick in his pants, although it looks like he’d already loosened his belt and was ready to straight up start jacking off in this woman’s ceiling, and maybe that’s why he ended up crashing through it. Hopefully she didn’t take his advice to be quiet and got straight on the phone with 911 or some of her cousins to come sort this pervert out ASAP. Unreal.

To watch the girl who can’t stop stalking her ex-boyfriend turn up at his workplace at 5AM, click HERE. At least she ain’t hiding in his ceiling.


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