Woman, 34, Has Jaw Replaced After ‘Stretching Mouth To Eat KFC Stacked Burger’



A Portsmouth mum who dislocated her jaw trying to fit a KFC Stacker burger in her mouth has had 5 operations and 12 screws fitted in an attempt to fix her face after a disastrous attempt at eating the burger.

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Holly Stevens, 34, was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) which is a disorder of the jaw muscles and nerves caused by injury or inflammation to the connection between the jawbone and the skull.

She told MailOnline:

I was eating a KFC at home whilst watching the TV and all of a sudden I had a loud pop noise.

It was my left jaw joint. It looked normal but it felt horrendous and kept “locking and unlocking”.

I must have stretched my mouth too wide when biting the burger.

Apparently, it can happen to anyone:

I feel angry that this has happened but it can happen to anyone who opens their mouth too wide.

I was healthy before eating my KFC burger with no underlying health issues. TMJ just came from nowhere.

Holly said she hopes fast-food restaurants reduce the size of their burgers to prevent this from happening to someone else. She claims her life has been ruined by pain and seizures, and she’s unable to open her mouth properly.

People can open their mouth up to 35mm but my jaw movement has reduced to 13mm.

I developed arthritis in my left jaw too with cysts on the joint before the jaw replacement.

I regret eating the burger. It has changed my life. I am now classed as disabled and I have lost my independence completely.

Man, what a bummer that is. Imagine sitting down to enjoy a nice KFC meal only to end up dislocating your jaw trying to take a bite of a delicious stacked zinger burger.

I’m sure we all sympatise with the way she’s feeling, but is the solution really – as she suggests – to reduce the size of fast food burgers? We can’t just go around shrinking Big Macs and Stacker burgers because one person obliterated themselves taking a bite. Maybe we can teach people to deconstruct their burgers instead, or to hold and compress them properly before tucking in. Anything but messing with the size of our burgers!

Anyway, a solid reminder to the rest of us to never bite off more than we can chew – literally. Although I know one person who doesn’t need to worry about that at all.



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