Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth Of Art With ‘Selfie Domino’

Selfie Domino

Good one.

If you’re going to spend an entire art exhibition taking selfies, at least make sure you’re outside of the restricted area.

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Unfortunately this girl didn’t get the memo and as a result, she destroyed $200,000 worth of art. Whoops. Here’s what the uploader of the video had to say:

Wait for it….. 0.11 is when the action happens. This took place at my mate Simon Birch’s art installation The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, when a lady tried to crouch down and pose in front of a pillar holding a sculpture to take a picture. She accidentally leant on it and the rest is history… $200,000 worth of art destroyed!

The room contains 60 crown-formed sculptures and is titled ‘Hypercaine’. The rest of The 14th Factory is one of its kind….. Go visit before it closes end of July (or before a few more pieces break).

It’s official – people taking selfies are a danger to their surroundings. Hopefully as more and more incidents like this occur, establishments will start introducing designated selfie areas. It certainly would make life far less annoying.


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