Couples Who Take Less Selfies And Post Less On Social Media Are The Happiest


No shit.

There’s often no real way to tell how happy a couple are from the outside looking in – everyone is pretty good at pretending when they want to be – but apparently a new study has shown that one indicator of happiness is how much the couple post about their relationship on social media.

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You might think that those couples that are always posting selfies and pictures about how in love they are and checking in at their local Wetherspoons on social media together are actually the happiest, but in fact you would be completely wrong. According to this new survey, it’s the people that actually post the least on social media about how successful their relationships are that are the most content.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

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  1. People who don’t use social media so much are generally happier. If you’re actually happy in your relationship, then you’re probably spending most of your time actually being present for it and enjoying it rather than updating your status all the time.
  2. Those who are validated by their own relationship don’t need to seek validation for it from how many likes they receive for all the pictures and statuses that they’re posting on social media. Their happiness comes from being together and they don’t need to prove that to people they barely know on the internet.
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I suppose all of that is kind of obvious really, but it’s great that a scientific study/survey has now finally confirmed it. As people say so often, stop image crafting your life away and go out and live it instead – you might find you actually enjoy it.

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