A Woman Is Crowdfunding £120,000 For A Robot Sex Brothel Where Consent Is Actively Required From The Robots



As if the whole thing with people having sex with sex dolls wasn’t already weird enough, someone is making it even weirder by opening up a sex doll brothel where customers actually have to date the doll and obtain consent from them before having sex with them. What kind of an absolute freak is gonna want to do that when you could just pay to have sex with a doll anyway? Or even pay to have sex with an actual woman?

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I’m fairly certain that there is an audience for this kind of thing – probably among the incel community – and this is probably why a woman named Unicole Unicorn is attempting to crowdfund £120,000 to open up the sex robot brothel. She says that customers will have to pay £7000 for the experience and will have to obtain consent from the doll before actually having sex with it.

They do this via taking it/her out to cafes and talking to her via an app – apparently the more they flirt and talk the higher the ‘desire rating’ increases until the doll is willing to put out for the dude. If that sounds completely messed up to you – considering you could literally do exactly the same in real life without paying thousands of pounds for it – the I’m with you, but it turns out that Unicole is doing it to try and teach men about consent and why it’s important.

Given that she’ll be attracting people who think paying her loads of money to have sex with a doll instead of trying to do it with a real person is a good idea, I kinda think that it might be a pretty good idea. These guys are obviously going to have some serious problems and probably full on hate women, especially if they’re incels. Having said that though, some of Unicole’s chat is straight up mental:

Sex Robots

Although I don’t think sex robots have feelings now, they could do in the future.

The same way that porn is powerful, sex robots are even more so.

I believe it’s one of the most powerful technologies that has the potential to change consciousness.

The profits will go towards thing like paying staff members, making the business really good and eventually opening new premises.

We’d also put it towards cutting-edge sex robot technology and improving the quality of the robots.

Some people are just going to be curious, have social anxiety, be on the autism spectrum, or even just be lonely.

Whatever your reason is, you can find a lot of comfort in these robots.

Often men treat these dolls the same way a child treats their dolls.

They dress them up and have entire conversations with them. I personally don’t think it’s too weird, just an aspect of childhood being fulfilled.


I dunno it is kinda weird Unicole, although your name is Unicole Unicorn so you’re probably examining it from a different perspective to me. Fair.

Couple of other things I liked about that dialogue was that she would use the profits to make the business ‘really good’ – reassuring – and that she just dropped the autism thing in casually with no real explanation. Real cool. It definitely sounds like she knows what she’s doing.

It’s also interesting to note that Unicole is crowdfunding for £120,000 – which would roughly by ten of the dolls she wanted to use – and charging £7000 for people to have sex with them. That pretty much means she only needs 15 people to come to the brothel and she’s already paid it off – why doesn’t she just get a bank loan or make these guys book three months in advance to get the funds? Oh yeah, because men are stupid and are probably gonna give her money in the hopes that she pays attention to them and goes out with them. She really is playing the game.

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