This Woman’s Trousers Came Off On A Fairground Ride And She Was Fully Commando


This video shows the kind of thing you would have nightmares about when you were a teenager and is nearly as embarrassing as getting your head stuck in a bin lid.

The poor woman in the video thought she was in for a fun ride on the spinning La Tagada circus attraction in Costa Rica.

But as the ride got more vigorous, she struggles to hold on to the bars and her trousers slowly begin to shuffle down her legs, revealing that she actually forgot to put underwear on that day.

It’s all really humiliating although luckily she had her boyfriend there to straddle her legs.

I can’t get over the end. It looks like the couple had just got freaky at a family event.

Also, who goes commando at a funfair? That must be bloody awkward even if your trousers do stay on.

Pretty embarrassing huh? Still can’t be as bad as getting caught on camera for being too fat to get out of the car. Poor guy.


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