Watch This Girl Get Her Head Stuck In A Bin Lid At A Kebab Shop

Girl Head Stuck Bin Kebab Shop

Life goals.

There’s nothing like having a kebab at the end of the night to wash away the alcohol and give you a massive case of the shits the day after. You just can’t beat it.

However, whilst many of us have probably indulged in the odd chicken shish every now and again, it’s unlikely that that many of us will have had the singular pleasure of getting our head stuck in a bin lid at our local kebab shop. Whilst I can see the funny side of putting a bin lid on my head (well I might have done when I was seven years old), there’s absolutely no way I would be putting one from a kebab shop on my head for any period of time, for obvious reasons.

This girl seemed to think it was hilarious though, until she couldn’t get it off and had to wander around the kebab shop crying like a baby about it for two minutes.

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Eventually she got it off yeah but you’ve got to wonder a) how she got it stuck on her head in the first place and b) why she thought it was a good idea to put it on her head in the first place? Surely you just go to the kebab house to have a kebab and maybe chat someone up, not to put a bin lid on your head? I guess that’s Huddersfield.

Here’s another video of some other dumbass who managed to get herself trapped in a clothes horse.


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