This Video Of A Fat Dude Trying To Get Out His Tiny New BMW Is Impossible Not To Laugh At

Fat shaming isn’t cool, but this is hilarious.

Have you ever wondered what a bigger bloke would look like trying to get out of a tiny car? Probably not. But here you are anyway.

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Fat shaming ain’t cool, to be honest. Just putting that out there for the PC brigade from the off. But this video going viral of a large man struggling to get out of his tiny BMW is very, very funny. His mate filming has one of them laughs that make me laugh, he looks like a tortoise on its shell, and he has his pants pulled up so high even Simon Cowell would frown. Great stuff.

Looks practical.

It’s like watching a real-life Tyrone from Snatch.

To be fair, I’m not particularly graceful at the best of times, and I’m no stick insect myself, but then I wouldn’t get a tiny car that I clearly can’t fit in. There are many pros and cons to ‘being a fatty’ (like these for instance), and it’s safe to say that getting in and out of a dinky car fits firmly into the ‘cons’ department.


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