A Woman Claims That She Has Been Impregnated By An Alien From The Year 3500

Sounds legit.

It’s been a hot minute since an idiot has claimed that they’ve time travelled and something really dumb happened to them on their journey, so it’s great this woman has emerged right on cue to tell us that she travelled forward to the year 3500 where she was kidnapped, tortured and impregnated by an alien.

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You can hear all the details of the story in the video below which has been brought to us by the ever dependable guys at APEX TV, who seem like they clearly believe all this time travel shit because they put out so many videos of interviews with said travellers. It’s pretty entertaining and only eight minutes long, so probably worth watching if you’re on your way home on the bus or something:

Very convincing I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’re one of the people out here that still don’t believe her account though – not sure why you wouldn’t? – then I’m pretty sure you’ll be eating our words come October when she gives birth to her alien baby. How will you be able to dispute her then?

Of course, that’s provided there aren’t any complications with the pregnancy or anything like that. Can’t see anything like going wrong with it though can you? 100% expect that baby to be breaking the internet come October. What could possibly go wrong?

For more of the same, here’s another time travel video. Love these things.


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