Woman Claims She Was Served The Most Pathetic Portion Of Fish And Chips Ever



There’s one thing that you can rely on when you head down to your local fish and chips shop for a meal, and that’s that you’re usually going to get an absolute mountain of food that’s probably going to be pretty difficult to finish eating.

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If you go to a pub restaurant however that might be a slightly different story, as Tina Doherty from Liverpool went out and ordered the classic meal from The Jolly Miller Pub. Tina and a couple of her friends were having the food after a night of bowling and they ordered their meal from the two for £5 menu, hoping to get a little bit more than what actually ended up arriving:

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Yeah, I can’t really disagree with her being angry there considering there are only six chips and a lot more space on the plate. Sure, there’s gonna be less chips when you’re ordering the meal from a pub but you still expect more than six. It’s hardly a hearty portion of peas either. Completely skanky.

She sent the picture to her husband Kevin via Whatsapp and he told her to complain, earning her a free meal. He then also went to the local newspaper The Liverpool Echo (son of a bitch) and told them the following:

he sent the picture on Whatsapp and I must admit I laughed.

I was at home with our son and daughter and we were just sitting down to our man-sized portions of curried prawns, rice and real homemade chips.

My wife isn’t the type of person to make a fuss or complain, but I immediately said to her that I would have sent that back and said ‘I think you have forgotten to put some chips on my plate’.

It is basically five and a half chips and the other meals were the same, I think they had one portion split between four.

I don’t know how anyone could justify or explain that as a portion of chips.

It looks like a toddler’s meal and even they would be able to polish off more than five chips.

I think they are being a little bit extreme with their economising. The chef or cook who works there needs to look at how many chips are in a portion.

You wouldn’t even have enough to put on a butty with that portion.

Think Kevin’s probably going a bit overboard with his five minutes of fame there, but he has got a point about it being pretty out of order serving so few chips. At least his wife got a free meal out of it though I suppose.

For more fish and chips, check out the biggest portion of fish and chips in the country. I guess Kevin would probably be happy with that.



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