Woman Catches Husband Cheating And Poisons Him; Filming His Final Moments And Posting It Online

Highly disturbing footage.

OK this is definitely one of the most disturbing videos we’ve ever posted on the site and if you hadn’t guessed that by the headline, then I would advise not watching the video below.

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I’m not really sure of the details of what’s going on here, but apparently the woman filming the video has discovered that her husband had cheated on her and was so incensed by the whole situation that she decided to poison the guy to death. To make matters even worse, she then recorded him having convulsions, dribbling and literally dying on the floor next to their bed and I guess she must have then uploaded it to the internet so that we can watch it right here and now.

Just in case you haven’t got the picture yet, this is some severely messed up shit so don’t watch it if you’re going to get upset:

Jesus. I don’t think that I could ever hate anyone that much that I wanted to actively kill them and then revile in their dying breaths. I know cheating on someone is bad and totally destroys the victim, but I don’t know if the only solution is to kill the person responsible.

Don’t think that anyone would recommend that and the woman has been tracked down and is facing life in a South African prison at the time of writing, so I doubt it really worked out for her either. Long time for her to think about what she’s doing there.

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