Watch This Guy Get Dumped On Live Television

Guy Dumped National Television

Trust the cameras to spot your worst moment and broadcast it to the world.

Getting dumped absolutely sucks and I’m sure most people reading this probably will have experienced it at least once in their life – if you haven’t then I guess you’re one of the lucky ones.

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However, most of the time we’re lucky enough to get dumped in the privacy of our own home or at least when there aren’t too many people around to laugh at our misery. Unfortunately not everyone gets that privilege as this kid found out over the weekend.

Somehow, the TV crew at whatever stadium in whatever county this was filmed in managed to capture the exact moment that his girlfriend decided that enough was enough and she didn’t want to go out with her anymore. Judging by his action before and after – cuddling her hard and looking like was completely in love with her and then looking completely and utterly shocked and distraught afterwards – he also had no idea that this was even on the cards either.

Kinda makes the whole thing better really. Very reminiscent of Lisa Simpson dumping Ralph Wiggum all those years ago:

Brutal. I can’t believe that the TV station thought it was cool to broadcast that to the whole nation. Actually I can because it’s really funny, but still it’s kinda hard to believe that everyone working there agreed with that analysis and let it slide too. Misery sells I guess.

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