This Woman Discusses The Implications Of Forgetting To Wash Her Vagina After Sex


She regularly contracts diseases because of it.

The E4 show ‘The Sex Clinic’ has been a real eye opener the past couple of weeks as a whole bunch of people have shown up and revealed that they know pretty much nothing about not catching STDs and  keeping themselves and their genitals cleans. It’s actually almost disturbing.

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The latest person to show up and disgust us was a woman named Nunu who admitted that she regularly forgets to wash her vagina and now was so knowledgeable about infections that she knew instantly when she had picked up bacterial vaginosis. This wasn’t because of the smell of fish that is associated with it, but literally because she just forgot to wash it and because of that she knew it was coming. Rank.

Here’s the clip, along with some of her words below:

That’s how I know I got it, that is literally the way.

Also whenever I forgot to wash my vagina.

It’s terrible, isn’t it?

Since I’ve been getting BV I have to do it every time I have sex… and I have to pee.

You would think that if you forgot to wash it so much that you could literally set your watch by the diseases that you get that you might start remembering it eventually, but it seems that’s a bridge too far for Nunu. Maybe when she’s older or something.

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