This Man Hadn’t Cleaned His Penis For 24 Years And Wondered Why It Smelled

Come on dude.

It goes without saying that if you didn’t wash for 24 years then you would undoubtedly stink to high heaven, so surely you would assume that if your penis stunk and you hadn’t washed it for 24 years than that was the reason?

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Apparently this was too much for one guy on The Sex Clinic to fathom though. 24 year old Zack turned up and told Dr Naomi that his dick stunk and the tip of his penis was somewhat irritated. She went on to pull the foreskin back and discover that there was a whole load of gross smegma trapped there that was causing the pain and that his problems could be easily solved by washing it regularly.

You can watch the clip here:

God that was awkward and gross wasn’t it? Can’t really believe how dumb this guy was though – surely he could have just Googled what was going on with his dick rather than going on national television and embarrassing himself like that?

Sure, I get that he might have been worried about what was going on with his dick, but surely a quick Google would have advised him to simply clean it? the fact that he hadn’t ever cleaned it is testament to the fact that he hadn’t done that and is therefore one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever seen on television. At least he might finally start looking after himself now though.

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