This Woman Made A 6-Year-Old Boy Have Sex With Her While Asking ‘Do You Like It When You Make Me Feel Good?’

Oh my God.

There are some stories we come across that are impossible to unpack, let alone crack jokes about, and this one from out of King William, Virginia falls into that category.

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Christine Alyce Slayman, 28, filmed herself forcing a six-year-old boy to perform sex acts on her while she asked:

Do you want to make me feel good? Do you like it when you make me feel good?

Christine even shared the videos with her boyfriend, one of which saw her shower nude with the child while instructing him to perform a sex act on her.

Another clip showed Christine order the kid to use a sex toy on her while she vocally encouraged him.

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The FBI uncovered 18 videos in total recorded over several months and jailed Slayman for 40 years this week. 

Investigators haven’t shared the victim’s relationship to Christine. She would send the clips to her boyfriend before deleting them off her phone. He would then stick them on a USB drive. The FBI is now working hard to indict him too.

One of Christine’s childhood friends told of her shock at hearing the news:

She robbed the boy of his entire childhood.

He will never get that back. Her selfish actions will have an impact on him for the rest of his life.

Another said:

My reaction was shock. I saw the story and Googled her name… I became more and more disgusted until I had to stop reading once it got into specific details because of how bad they were.

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Well yeah, that is just the sort of behaviour you could never predict out of anyone let alone someone you called a friend.

We’ve written several stories on this site about female teachers hooking up with their teenage students and those can at least, on some level, be explained and understood. But a 28-year-old woman engaging in sex acts with a 6-year-old? That is just so immensely screwed up that it’s impossible to wrap your head around.

Did her boyfriend, who stored the images and who is yet to be indicted, coerce her into it? Who knows, who cares. It’s still completely messed up and I hope he gets a similar sentence to her 40 years when the time comes.

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