This Video Shows You How To Win An Arm Wrestle Every Single Time

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Magnus Samuelsson rose to fame back in 1998 when he was crowned the ‘World’s Strongest Man’.

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Following years of success as a strongman, unofficial owner of the ‘World’s Strongest Arms’ and eventually as an actor in the BBC drama ‘The Last Kingdom’, this strong Swede was eventually placed in the Hall of Fame earlier this month.

One of his key “achievements” was his arm wrestle contest with powerlifter Nathan Jones, in which he snapped Jones’ arm in half (cut to about 1.05 if you want to see Magnus Vs. Jones):

This dude knows how to dominate in an arm wrestling competition and recently he provided a video tutorial to The Daily Star to show you how to win an arm wrestling contest every single time:

So there you have it. Take on all these tips and you should be breaking arms in no time.

To watch an arm wrestling tournament go horribly wrong, click HERE.


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