Wiley In Twitter Breakdown Against The EDL And Cockrock Festival In Cumbria


Wiley’s having another breakdown on Twitter, this time focusing his rage on Cockrock festival and the English Defence League.

Wiley’s not had the best of times this festival season. His breakdown before he was due to play Glastonbury has been well documented to say the least and it doesn’t seem he’s been able to rekindle the festival spirit since. Just this week he’s managed to burn his bridges with Cockrock after a questionable performance in Cumbria and is currently at time of writing going to Twitter war with the English Defence League. Let’s see how it’s going:

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Wiley had to travel up to Cumbria for Cockrock and things were off to a bad start on the drive up…

Nevertheless, he manned up and got on stage. This didn’t last for long though. After a couple of minutes he was off again after some of the crowd started booing him. In total he managed 15 minutes before it all got a bit too much. On the bright side he does seems a bit happier about his pay than he was at Glastonbury…

It turns out there was a conspiracy, masterminded by the pagans and inbreds of Cumbria, to ruin his gig. He does stress there was a turn out of loyal Wiley fans (although not enough to justify playing longer than 15 minutes).

Wiley then bizarrely and completely out of nowhere brought everyone’s favourite racists the EDL into the mix. They were happy to respond, naturally:






Wiley then blocked the EDL’s Tommy Robinson and has spent the last few hours posting his favourite hip hop videos and news stories.


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