Wiley Just Dropped Another New Diss Track Taking Shots At Skepta

Wiley Skepta

Shit is getting serious.

Not really sure what the beef between Wiley and Skepta is, but it’s probably your regular grime/hip hop beef about territory, guns, disrespect and all that shit, but it’s heating up now that Wiley has dropped his latest diss track ‘Don’t Bread Me’.

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The dispute between the two started back in October when Wiley dropped a track calling out Skepta and Dizzee Rascal for doing another song together, and then it got worse earlier this month when Skepta busted out his reply. Now Wiley’s returned with ‘Don’t Bread Me’ which seems to channel his 2006 era War Report energy and also deflect all the shots that Skepta threw at him, whilst simultaneously turning it up a notch with some new 10/10 disses.

Damn that was harsh hey? You know that this isn’t going to be the end of this, but you also probably know that a year or so down the line that they’ll all probably be collaborating together on another track and then headlining their own festival down in Peckham or Victoria Park or something. That’s pretty much how all hip hop/grime beefs end up, isn’t it? And way more money for everyone involved. Gotta love making bank.

For more of the same, check out Wiley finally revealing why he and Dizzee fell out in Ibiza all those years ago. Yeowch.


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