Wiley Drags Giggs Into Drake Beef: Giggs Asks ‘Are You Trying To Wind Me Up?’



Wiley is a legend and one of the UK grime originals but I think most people would agree that he’s become a bit of a twat in recent years.

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Well more recently he accused Drake of being a ‘culture vulture’ because he’s been collaborating so much with artists from a million different backgrounds, genres and nationalities, including UK grime artists like Giggs and Skepta. He hasn’t done any collabs with Wiley though – reckon that might be the real issue?

So yeah, Wiley is basically arguing that Drake is using all of these smaller artists or less-known musical cultures for his own gain. Here’s the sorts of things he’s been Tweeting about Drake for months:

When his own fans called him out on being jealous because Drake basically collaborated with everyone in the grime scene except him, Wiley had an answer for that too:

Drake addressed it all on UK radio the other day, mentioning ‘goofy’ Wiley by name:

I’ll never understand how that’s not viewed as something admirable but I guess people have their own outlook on it.

That’s just something I wanted to get off my chest. I just had to talk about it because it’s bothering me.

But yeah, I didn’t like that. It’s Wiley that said that, I’ll just say his name because that was some goofy shit. But yeah, I just didn’t like that.

I was like, dude what are you talking about? They have tunes that are ringing off. Anybody that’s on now, what are you guys talking about?

Instead of realising that maybe Drake collaborating with lesser-known artists also benefits those artists and that cussing Drake is doing him no favours at all, Wiley went full troll mode:

He then weirdly dragged Giggs into the whole sorry mess, and let’s just say Giggs wasn’t happy about it:

Whoops, probably not the reaction Wiley was expecting from a fellow UK artist.

I guess that’s what happens though when you burn your bridges with pretty much everyone and go around acting like a salty prick because the scene has moved onto to bigger and better things. I mean isn’t grime legend status enough for Wiley?

Then again this is a guy who went into meltdown at Glastonbury because they didn’t have fresh milk in his dressing room fridge, so I guess this is all par for the course.



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