Wife’s Secret Camera Catches Husband Poisoning Her Every Time He Makes Coffee

Bad romance.

This is a story about a lady named Therese Kozlowski from Macomb County, Michigan, who had filed for divorce from her husband Brian after falling out of love with him.

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You might wonder why anyone would want to divorce an upstanding gentleman like Brian but for whatever reason, Therese no longer wanted to be married to him. So she did what any sensible person in that situation does and filed for divorce.

Brian took the news really well and was totally understanding and mature about it. Oh wait no, he tried to murder his wife and poisoning her coffee every day for weeks.

As per the Metro, Therese set up cameras in their home after becoming suspicious that she always felt ill after drinking her morning coffee, and caught Brian putting what turned out to be excess amounts of antihistamine into her beverage:

Therese says that she would often feel tired, sick and get blurred vision and believes that her husband was trying to killer her. On one occasion she almost fell asleep at the wheel of her car.

On the moment she saw her husband spiking her coffee:

I felt a horrible coldness in the air, as if I was hunted by a dangerous predator, but in this nightmare, the predator was Brian.

I believe this was attempted murder. Once Brian realized he lost me and there was no getting me to stay in this unhealthy marriage, his goal was to eliminate me.

Seems like a pretty solid plan in theory. After all, she can’t divorce him if she’s dead, can she?

But at least now we have some insight into why Therese divorced Brian – the guy is a grade A psychopath. To bad for him that his (ex) wife is so much smarter than him and got the evidence on camera instead of just confronting him about it where he’d probably just have accused her of being paranoid and crazy.

The bummer is that Brian has been sentenced to just 60 days in jail for what is basically attempted murder. Prosecutors called the 60-day sentence “a slap in the face” and say they’re planning to appeal the decision.

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