Here’s Why You Should Never Park Your Car Like An Absolute Prick


Comeuppance x 1000.

One of the things that honestly annoys me most in the world is when people are absolutely terrible at parking. I’m not talking about drivers who have trouble parallel parking or whatever. I mean when people deliberately don’t park where they’re supposed to and blatantly go over the line in the parking bay – not only is it pretty lame but it’s also disrespectful and pisses everyone off.

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That’s why it’s excellent to see someone finally getting their own back on these assholes. As you can see in the picture above, some prick over in China parked in an area that was reserved solely for coaches, and to make matters even worse he parked across the line too so he was literally taking up two bays. Jerk.

Fortunately the coach drivers saw what a complete tool this guy was being and taught him a lesson, blocking his car in with four of their coaches so there was no way he would be getting out. That’ll teach him.


The incident is believed to have happened over in China and was posted on Reddit to be shared with the world. Props to whoever was responsible for that.

For more parking, check out this guy who tried to park his car on a car park roof but ended up dangling off it. Smooth.


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