Man Tries To Park On Carpark Roof; Ends Up Dangling Off The Side (VIDEO)

Very close call.

In what looked like something being shot for the next big Hollywood action movie, a man somehow ended up hanging off of a nine storey building in his car (as you do) and managed to crawl to safety – epic.

So this guy thought that he’d park his car on the rooftop part of a parking garage in Texas but actually ended up falling off the edge. How does that even happen? Not sure if he was on some sort of rampage but the man drove his car through protection wires and pretty much almost died when one wire wrapped around an axle leaving the whole car hanging from the edge – thank god for that axle.


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Apparently, he was unable to stop the vehicle that went off the top of the building so flipped it over like he was in some action movie scene until it was caught by a wire. The man was then able to climb out of the sunroof of his car and get back into the garage. Quite impressive.

Firefighters then lowered the car to the ground and said:

I have a strong feeling the driver is going to have a great appreciation of what it means to be alive from this point forward. From what we understand, the driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

Rookie error. He’s just one step away from pulling out moves like this stuntman performing a free fall for The Assassin’s Creed Movie.


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