White Woman Sues Sperm Bank After Giving Birth To A Black Baby


An Ohio woman is suing a sperm bank that mistakenly gave her sperm from an African-American donor.

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Jennifer Cramblett, who is white, gave birth to mixed-race daughter ‘Payton’ three years ago. In her lawsuit, Jennifer says that the sperm bank’s mix-up led to “an unplanned transracial parent-child relationship for which she was not, and is not, prepared.”

Jennifer was artificially inseminated with the sperm which she ordered from Midwest Sperm Bank, meant to be from a white man. Five months into her pregnancy, she found out she had actually been sent a sample from a black male. Someone had mixed up Donor #380 (white guy) with Donor #330 (black guy).

The sperm bank apologised and gave Jennifer a refund for six vials of sperm, and that’s it. Jen reckons she should be compensated for her “current and upcoming challenges with transracial parenting.”

The judge originally threw out her lawsuit last year because the Court didn’t want to proceed with a “wrongful birth” case, but has invited her to re-file on grounds of negligence.


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Whoops! Big time cock-up from Midwest Sperm Bank here. Someone orders a white baby and you accidentally send them a black baby instead. A bit like ordering a cheeseburger and getting a chicken burger. You wouldn’t be very happy about that would you? You’d send it right back.

Obviously when it comes to babies you can’t just send them back though. And even if you could everyone would just think you’re a racist. So I guess Jennifer is stuck with her black baby whether she likes it or not. Just goes to show you always need to double-check the colour of dick your sperm came from.

Surprised she didn’t end up giving birth to one of this guy’s kids – he’s got 800 already and counting.


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